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Custom Plastic Icosahedron

custom plastic ico

I got a request to build a lightweight icosahedron that was sturdy enough it could be thrown around for a family game.  I decided to make a hollow one out of corrugated plastic, screwed to an internal frame.  I think if i had to build another, i would just use foamboard and serious glue to completely leave out the screws.

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Large Icosahedron Prototype

Large Ico Prototype

This is a cardboard prototype I put together for a custom icosahedron order I may be building for someone on etsy.  The final will be made of sturdier materials.  This prototype was mostly to determine size, which was a little too big.

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LEGO Technic Bracelets

lego technic bracelets

About a month ago I made a bracelet completely out of LEGO Technic parts.  It worked out pretty nicely and I couldn’t find anyone else that was making something similar, so I thought I would try selling them on etsy.  It just stinks that LEGO is such an expensive medium to make things with.

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Icosahedrons for Etsy



I recently sold some solid wood d20 widgets (icosahedrons) through my Etsy store, so I thought I’d post a picture.  If anyone else is interested in some, or dodecahedrons, please leave a comment here or at my store.

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Teen Titans – Etsy Commission

Night Begins to Shine Finished

Night Begins to Shine Finished

It’s been a long time since I posted anything, lots of projects on the side.  This was a commission I got through Etsy for the whole Teen Titans crew in the same style as one of my Inktober doodles. I didn’t want to post this until it was mailed and received by the customer.

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First Sale!

first etsy sale

first etsy sale

I sold my first item on the other day so I took a picture with the little thank you card be for throwing it in the mail.  Hope they are a happy customer.

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Etsy Store storefront (click me) storefront (click me)

I finally got around to offering a few things on

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