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Inktober – Ben Caldwell

Inktober 2019-22 Ben Caldwell

For today’s Inktober inspiration, I’m trying to doodle something in the style of Ben Caldwell.  He’s an artist that seems to have a never ending supply of old sketches he keeps finishing/improving.  I have his “Action Cartooning” book for a few years back that this pose was pseudo stolen from.  0% effort was put into the feet while inking and it shows.

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Inktober – Artemii Myasnikov

Inktober 2019-12 Art Veider

For the 12th day of Inktober, this doodle I give to thee…  A corn warrior inspired by the artist Artemii Myasnikov.  Check out his amazing instagram for food fighting heroes, awesome mechs, and much more!

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Dino Warriors – An-Killa-Saurus


My most recent, possibly final Dino Warrior is a play on the Ankylosaurus, with some ridiculous shotgun pistol thingies.  Maybe I will scribble out some more of these, but recent meeting doodles have wandered off this subject.

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

An-Killa sketch

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Dino Warriors – SpecOps-Ceratops


This is the next installment of my Dino Warriors, a special operations triceratops.  Disclaimer, I have no idea what a mini-gun looks like (no reference) or how it gets its ammo, so this one is probably horribly wrong.  I also suspect that the color palette was subconciously influenced by the Land Before Time videos.

Doodles in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.  You can find a video of the sketching and linework here.

SpecOps-ceratops thumbnail

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Dino Warriors – Process Video

This is a process video I took of my next Dino Warrior, SpecOps-Ceratops.  I’ll post an image of the final drawing soon.

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Dino Warriors – Bronto Knight


This is the third Dino Warrior I decided to finish digitally.  I still have a few more scribbled out and maybe will come up with more after that.  I thought with the massive size of the brontosaurus, I would give him a huge broadsword.  I wish I had thought up a more action filled posed though.

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Goblin Warrior

Goblin Warrior

I doodled this lady while I was on the train to the airport a few weeks ago.  My brushpen started running out of ink so I had to be selective about adding details.  Overall I like how she came out.

Goblin Warrior Sketchbook

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Manly War Turtle

Manly War Turtle

Manly War Turtle

Greetings from hiatus with this week’s bulletin doodle.  Once I added the mustache to this manly warrior, I thought he’d need chest hair too…  Can turtles grow chest hair?  Are they keeping some chest hair miracle hidden away in their shells? He really needs to get a lighter sword too.

Colored in The GIMP and Krita.

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Pugnacious Panda

pugnacious panda

pugnacious panda

This scrappy little panda was my church doodle this week.  Guess because I’m excited for the upcoming Kungfu Panda movie, though this is certainly not supposed to be Po.

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Cyborg – Night Begins to Shine



Inktober Day 25.  My boys have borderline obsessively been replaying the newest teen titans episode, in which Cyborg is smitten with this fake 80’s song.  Song is obnoxious, but when he’s pulled into the music, he looks pretty cool.

I just realized I won’t have enough of my little 6″x6″ sheets of bristol to finish out the month, so I’ll need to cut down some bigger ones.  This doodle was done on one of those 9×12 sheets, which was lots more fun with a brush pen!

This is a quick sketch I did on the computer to figure out all the details.  I had to take 8 or 9 captures from the video to reference his parts.

cyborg sketch

cyborg sketch

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