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2012 Summer Road Trip

2012 Summer Road Trip

Our summer vacation road trip is off to a crazy start.  So far we’ve driven from Texas to Denver, CO to visit some friends, check out the new elephant exhibit at the zoo, and get lunch at Casa Bonita’s.  Then it was off to Wyoming for our Cousin’s wedding; our youngest was the ring bearer.  From there, we decided to round out the trip but visiting Mount Rushmore and scrambling through the Bad Lands on our way home to Iowa for the rest of the vacation.  We’re.  All.  Very.  Tired.  I’ll post more doodles and trip bits when I get time.

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Iron Giant – Fist Bump

iron giant fist bump

The other day I ran across Kevin Tong’s amazing Iron Giant poster and the idea for this popped in my head.  Took quite a few days to finish it, only being able to  do a few minutes here and there.

(don’t look too close, there are some major perspective issues i gave up trying to fix and just inked…)

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Cable Octopus

cable octopus

A co-worker asked my to draw a “cable octopus” for them after their wife disliked the way all the cords on a new desk popped out of the access grommet on top.  I was happy to oblige, but all I managed to bring back for the blog was a photo copy.

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Snakeeyes (with video)


A friend has been pestering me for sometime now to draw Snakeeyes for them, so I finally got around to it.  I also decided to try recording a video of my coloring process below.

original scan

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