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Seahorse Surprise

sea horse surprise

I had a few spare moments last night and sat down to play around with some Sakura Pigma brush pens.  This is what resulted, which was really far from the idea I had in my head when I sat down.  Some other day I guess…

Just added a little blue hue in the Gimp after I scanned it.

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Recycle Wave

recycle wave

I got a request from a mother whose son is starting a neighbourhood cleaning club, and she asked if I could combine one of my all time favorite doodles with a recycling logo.  I actually really like how this came out.

Sketched on paper, then tweaked in inkscape.


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Drafting Table

Drafting Table

My dad let me steal his ’68 Hamilton drafting table when we were home for vacation.  I finally got it all set up, put a fresh Alvin Vyco cover on it, and built a leaning shelf to go behind to hold up me tv/monitor and art supplies.  Just waiting on the awesome tractor seat stool I ordered to put the icing on the cake.  In the picture I have my Ubuntu PC with my Intuos4 tablet  and  intend to do much future doodling from that spot!  I’ve been very jealous in the past of people with creative spaces, and now I have one of my own!

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Driveway Chalk Bird

Driveway Chalk Bird

Tonight we were invited over to our friends Steph and Dave’s new house they had bought since the last time we were in town.  One of the many attempts to pacify our youngest son was sidewalk chalk in the driveway, but I seemed to be the only one that wanted to stick it out in the hot sun.  I ended up drawing a whale and then this guy.  I do feel he should be schlepping some sugared cereal though…

The peeps over at D’arte Board do these all the time!

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Goat on a Scooter

Goat on a Scooter

I got a request for this one a while back, not sure what it even means, but it sounded like a funny idea.  Hope they like it.  I made a video of the sketching part in MyPaint.  I forgot to speed it up so it’s horribly long and slow…

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