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AREA 59 Digital

area 59 digital

Over the last week I have slowly been plucking away at this doodle in a digital format.  I could probably keep adding and changing things indefinitely, so I forced myself to be happy where it’s at.

Inked in Krita on my Surface Pro 3

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SpaceX Area 59

Area 59 – Astro Boy

SpaceX is combining their spacecraft research with Elon’s AI research in their ultra secret Area 59.

This was a doodle I slowly worked on in a class last week.  I took a picture of just the pencils and might try inking it on the computer too.

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Building a bird nest

Building a bird nest

My youngest son’s marching band is doing a program this year featuring songs that all have some reference to birds (a good excuse to use “Free Bird” as the show closer, and yes, it’s awesome!).  The band director had asked the build crew to make some props for the percussion pit at the front of the field to represent the students playing in nests.  The head of the build committee is an awesome guy with years of experience in theater designing and building props.  This year he got stuck with me as his assistant.  The image above was the first idea that we pitched to the band director for the nests, a sort of Peanut’s Woodstock styled flat image that would incorporate all the colors of the other props on the field (large vinyl tarps with brightly colored bird houses printed on them).

Proposed nest detail upgrade

At a certain point I drew up another idea that would be more detailed, but some of the steps in fabrication would have taken much longer so we abandoned it.  The director liked the original idea, so once we got the approval for the cost of materials we went shopping and got to work.

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