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Batgirl Colored


This doodle was colored in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.  The color distracts a little from all the things I don’t like about it.

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batgirl lines

In my continuing efforts to work more on drawing the female form, I thought I would take a stab at Batgirl.  Not happy with it, but it’s not horrible.

Proportions are a little off, pose is wonky, needs more dynamic action…

Original in pencil and brushpen, quickly converted to lines in Inkscape, then some fixes in Krita.  All on my Surface Pro 3.

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Wonder Woman

wonder woman

I took our boys to go see the Wonder Woman movie a few weeks back and just this weekend had enough down time (not allocated to making stuff for others) that I could doodle this mighty heroine.  If you’ve followed my work for any amount of time, you may notice that I don’t often draw the female form.  I find it difficult to capture their physiology without reverting to ridiculous comic book proportions, so I normally just avoid it all together.  This is something I need to work on though, so I gave her a shot.

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

I also started a video capture of the inking process, which I tried to hurry through and was defeated continually by her left hand.  Eventually I gave up.  Observe my failures below.

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Tinman Cyborg (Inktober)

cyborg tinman (inktober)

cyborg tinman (inktober)

Today starts Inktober 2016.  Thought I’d kick it off with a version of the Teen Titan Cyborg from the episode “Riding the Dragon.”  This version showed up the previous season in “Campfire Stories” and I’m glad they gave it some more screen time.

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Supes vs Bats

supes v bats

supes vs bats

This was a doodle I drew last week during a long day of meetings.  Had some time to fart around on the computer so I thought I’d color it in MyPaint and comp it all together in The GIMP.  I actually enjoyed this movie, but I didn’t walk in with many expectations.

supes v bats sketch

supes vs bats sketch

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Swinging Bats

swinging bats

swinging bats

Day 2 of inktober!  My quill pen was being a pain tonight, so I fell back to my regular sakura pens.

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Yesterday’s sketch_dailies topic of mashups was “Wonder Wombat”, so I thought I’d spend my time at the scout meeting tonight doodling another member of the Marsupial Justice League; Wombatman.

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Bats on a Board

bats on a board

bats on a board

I got a request from sam to draw Batman on a skateboard, so that’s what I did.  Hope they like it!  I actually almost like how it looked in grayscale so I uploaded that version too.  Been real busy since last post, should be posting more through the holidays.

bats on a board (gray)

bats on a board (gray)

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