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Sauce Levels

sauce levels

sauce levels

I had to do an info-graphic the other day for some varying skill levels, and I spent an overly obsessive amount of time nit picking my pyramid parts so they could fit seamlessly together.  I hadn’t posted anything yet this week. so I thought I’d change the labels and post it.  Turns out there’s a whole lot of lame sauce out there.

Done in inkscape, using a bit of math (yes kids, you will use math after school)

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Happy Mother’s Day

mothers day

mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you crazy, fearless, tireless, wise, loving, thoughtful, giving moms out there.  Where would we all be without you?

This was a little design i did up for our mother’s day card to my wife.  I cut it out of a card in-lay to show the paper behind it.  On the front I drew out the cut-out below.  It showed through to the back of the in-lay paper.

card front

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New Sandwich

grilled turkey cheese and egg sandwich

grilled turkey cheese and egg sandwich

Was going to make a grilled cheese and turkey, had an extra egg… MAGIC!!!

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