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Woodcut Heart

woodcut heart

woodcut heart

I was farting around drawing some random tattoo ideas a few days ago and wandered off for sometime drawing this.  It reminded me a lot of a wooden block print kind of style.  Have a great memorial day weekend!


I scribbled a base out in MyPaint then designed the whole thing in Inkscape.

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Framed Coasters

Framed Coasters

My wife had this set of coasters she really liked but never used, so i built a frame for two of them.

This picture was after all the pieces were cut (to check the fit).  I eventually painted the inside edges black before gluing and nailing the glass and frame together.

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Cap’n-A Process Video

I decided to render a quick step-by-step process video for my Cap’n-A doodle.  (The movie was great!)  Most of the drawing was in MyPaint (some corrections in Krita) and textures in The GIMP.

1. Sketch
2. Subdue the sketch
3. Lines (front foot was junk)
4. New foot
5. Extra line weight and fills
6. Ground Shadow
7. Gray-tone colors
8. Add background texture
9. Layout shadows on figure
10. Color multiply the shadows
11. Add texture to figure

Pepper’s Funk by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Super G

Super G

Super G

This was a request for a going away caricature of “Super G.”  I did a couple different poses of this great hero.

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Cap’n A

Cap' A

Cap’ A

I’m really hoping i get a chance to see “Civil War” this weekend.  So I doodled a little captain.

capn a sketch

capn a sketch

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