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Leather Sketchbook Cover

leather sketchbook cover

I recently worked on a custom leather sketchbook case from the incredible leathersmith behind Batsugun Leather Co.  I drew up this design, he greatly improved upon it, and I’m super excited about the progress pictures I’ve seen so far.  I cannot wait to see the final thing in person!

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French Toast Stick Man

French Toast Stick Man

I realize I have not been posting with much frequency of late as we’ve been pretty busy with family, so I thought I’d share this guy.  It’s something I started for no particular reason and will likely never finish.

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Cheesy Birthday Card

cheesy card inside

With our normal family vacation to Iowa, we left just before my oldest nephew’s birthday, so I made a quick card for him and left it behind.  This was the extremely elaborate outside.

cheesy card front

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