Inktober Tools

Inktober Tools

Here’s a lost of the various tools I used this year for Inktober.

    • Canson 5.5″ x 8.5″ sketchbook
    • rOtring 800 0.5mm pencil
    • Pentel brush pen (most doodles)
    • Sakura Pigma Micron 01 pen (detailed doodles)
    • Sakura brush pen (blue)
    • Prismacolor black eraser
    • Winsor & Newton cool grey brush markers
    • Sakura Gelly Roll white pen (NOT PICTURED)

I actually ran out of ink on my brush pen just as I finished the final day.

Out of Ink

Most of this stuff I bundle together in the custom sketchbook cover I got from The Batsugun Leather Company.  I’m still very much in love with it.

Trusty Sketchbook Cover

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Building a bird nest

Building a bird nest

My youngest son’s marching band is doing a program this year featuring songs that all have some reference to birds (a good excuse to use “Free Bird” as the show closer, and yes, it’s awesome!).  The band director had asked the build crew to make some props for the percussion pit at the front of the field to represent the students playing in nests.  The head of the build committee is an awesome guy with years of experience in theater designing and building props.  This year he got stuck with me as his assistant.  The image above was the first idea that we pitched to the band director for the nests, a sort of Peanut’s Woodstock styled flat image that would incorporate all the colors of the other props on the field (large vinyl tarps with brightly colored bird houses printed on them).

Proposed nest detail upgrade

At a certain point I drew up another idea that would be more detailed, but some of the steps in fabrication would have taken much longer so we abandoned it.  The director liked the original idea, so once we got the approval for the cost of materials we went shopping and got to work.

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Owl Wizard

owl wizard

I started this doodle a few days ago and just got around to finishing it.  At first it didn’t have the Harry Potter elements but I decided to modify it in honor of some friends we have visiting us this weekend.  Here’s a view of the total process.

owl wizard process

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Startled Diver – Layer Video

This is a short video (no sound) that just shows the various layers and how I stacked them in Krita to draw this doodle.  All work done on my Surface Pro 3.

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Stained Glass – Copper Foil Class

copper foil window

I enjoyed the last stained glass class I took so much, I decided to take the next one which teaches the copper foil technique instead of lead came.  We are making small fans that can be put infront of a nightlight, but I didn’t like any of the patterns that were offered so I figured out my own.  It was between Captain America’s shield or Captain Marvel’s crest.  I told the teacher that I was cheating in the last class because almost all my cuts were straight lines, so I am paying my penance this time.  This first image was from cutting during the first night and the one below was the aftermath.  (I normally try to produce much less waste, but it was important that the grain of the glass all radiates from the center, so I had to lose a little bit more.)

copper foil aftermath

The last two images are from the foiling process, which I did mostly at home.  Next step is to spot solder the joints and then solder over all the copper tape.

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Dino Warriors – Process Video

This is a process video I took of my next Dino Warrior, SpecOps-Ceratops.  I’ll post an image of the final drawing soon.

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Dino Warriors – Bronto Knight


This is the third Dino Warrior I decided to finish digitally.  I still have a few more scribbled out and maybe will come up with more after that.  I thought with the massive size of the brontosaurus, I would give him a huge broadsword.  I wish I had thought up a more action filled posed though.

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Stained Glass Class – Week 8

Soldering Setup

The last night of class I had my second window all ready to go for soldering.  The two major steps in the process that I don’t have my own tools for are grinding and soldering, so I was happy to get this step done on the last night.

soldering closeup

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Stained Glass Class – Week 7

First pieces of lead

Since I only have two classes left to try and get this window finished I had to do as much work at home as I could.  I got through a good chunk of the leading before I found that a few of the pieces would need some work at the grinder to get it all to fit.  It also didn’t exactly line up with the cartoon underneath because of my eyeballing the cuts earlier.  But the error is at least consistent across all the pieces.  By the end of this week, I was able to grind everything to fit and get it ready to solder during the last week.

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Stained Glass Class – Week 6

final polish

So I was able to finish my first window on the 6th week of class after getting is all soldered together in week 5.  The last steps I got to complete was to pack in putty on both sides between the glass and the lead, and then take the thing outside to temper the putty and polish the glass panes with this stuff called “whiting”.  It also displaces small amounts of lead and makes the solder and the came blend in together.

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