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LEGO Masters – Taker-Waker


During a recent episode of  LEGO Masters, the married team Amy and Tyler created this funny little rat character called the Taker-Waker that I kept thinking about for days later.  So when I had a few spare moments, I decided to doodle my version of their design in my sketchbook, and then I found some more time later to color him on the computer.  If you haven’t seen the show, it’s quite a lot of fun to see the teams build such different things from the same root idea.  Stay safe and healthy!

Colored in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

Taker-Waker Sketchbook

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Germ Mule

Germ Mule

A week before the Valentine’s holiday our youngest son came home from school with a nasty case of the Flu and a little tonsillitis.  Needless to say the house went into full quarantine mode which only had one problem.  Our little cat Scout loved to go back and forth rubbing and getting pets from both the ill and the healthy so we started calling him the “Germ Mule”.  The healthy ones in the family had to start shunning him until the contagious period had passed.

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Clone Wars Poster – 17 Years in the Making

clone wars poster

A few weekends ago we took on a project to organize all our old family photos.  One of the unexpected things I can across was a Clone Wars cartoon drawing I had started for our oldest son probably 17 years ago.  It looks like I had done some sort of composite image from references, drew a grid over it, and then redid a larger scale version of that in pen on some oak tag.  These were all methods I learned in highschool and clearly predated all the skills I’ve picked up over the years with the computer.

I figured I would finish it up with some color but leave the original lines I had drawn intact.  Now I’ll have to print up a bigger version for both boys.  It was a fun little surprise to find!

Found Clone Wars Poster

Colored in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Custom Curvy Frame

Triple Oval Frame

This project was a custom frame for three prints that my wife wanted to put together.  We tried a bunch of different arrangements and considered doing them separately, but eventually decided on the side-by-side layout above.  I designed a few different shapes so it wouldn’t just be a big rectangle and built the one my wife liked best.  I haven’t painted or stained it yet because we’re still deciding what would look best.  I’d like to paint the frame a distressed white and paint the wainscoting a light blue, but who knows what we will settle on.  Below are some pictures capturing the process.

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Air Force Retirement Gift

Cyber Retirement Gift

I recently had a good friend who was retiring from the Air Force and I wanted to make him something special as a gift.  He had a successful career in both the Intelligence career field and then as a Cyber operator, and his new journey in life is going to build upon both of those.  Often times, military retirees get shadow boxes created, but they can be rather large so I thought I’d make him something small and conversation provoking that he can simply have in his office or on a desk.  This small shadow box contained the two badges that show the mastery of his craft.

Built as a simple oak frame with a little acrylic blue inlay, and the badges floating around some silver vinyl lettering.

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Here’s the latest little Try-Ranosaurus doodle of mine, this time with a Star Wars theme.  I went back and watched episode VII and VIII before the boys and I went to see The Rise of Skywalker.  This was obviously inspired by the final scenes of The Force Awakens.

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Rustic Fix to Broken Glass Plate

Repaired Plate

During the time I was working on the final assembly of the lamp shade I posted last night, we got the idea to solder an ornamental glass plate we’ve been lugging around for years.  It used to sit above our entertainment center when we were newly married, but once we added pets and kids to the mix, it took a tumble and broke.  Luckily, it cleanly broke into a small number of pieces so we’ve kept it for probably 15 years thinking we would fix it someday.  It’s quite the rustic looking fix, and my soldering skills could use a lot of work, but it’s nice to have the plate back out in the light again.

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Stained Glass Lampshade

Stained Glass Lamp Shade

Greetings Internet Peoples!  It’s been far too long since I’ve taken time to post, and while I’ve been quite busy, I still had time for a few projects along the way.  I’ll try to get all caught up over the next week or so.

The lamp shade at the top of this post is one I made in the last stained glass class I took.  We picked those colors to connect with a small collection of sea glass we’ve been gathering over the years when we lived near the coasts.  The idea is eventually to find or build a base that we will fill with the glass, but for now, this one looks nice too.  This was a complicated build because I had to cut six of everything and I had little margin for size deviations or the panes would not line up.  It was definitely challenging but a fun project.

Cut Stained Glass

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Captain Ameri-saurus

Captain Ameri-saurus

Hopefully this will be my last off topic dinosaur and I’ll get back to cute ones, but I also want to do some Star Wars ones too now…  Too easily distracted.  Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas this year and a happy holidays!

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Not sure why my attempts at cute dinosaurs so quickly wandered off to comic book characters, but i scribbled this doodle out with another one on the same plane ride as the baseball player.  I’ll probably post his companion in a few days.

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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