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Hell Boy Birthday Card

Hell Boy Birthday Card

We celebrated another birthday while we were home and I made a real quick Hell Boy card for them.  I drew it out on my SurfacePro 3, printed it on cardstock, then added some extra shading, a speech bubble, and the tail I forgot.  I think we put “Wishing you a dynamite birthday!” inside.  Here’s a version of the original printed graphic before I made those fixes.

Hell Boy Graphic

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Name Shelf – Emerson

Emerson Shelf with Toys

This was a present I made for our friend’s adorable bundle of cuteness, Emerson.  His first birthday is in a few weeks and we were home for the weekend so we decided to deliver it early.  It’s a pretty big deviation from my old designs for name shelves (here|here|here|here) but this one won’t cover the name when you use it and has a bunch of different places to put things.  The large letter is designed to unscrew from the back so they can easily finish it however they would like.  I previously teased this new design here.  Some process photos below.

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Inktober Recap

Inktober Tools

I usually do a single post with all my inktober doodles in a final gallery, but I thought this year I would lead off with all the tools I used.  Clockwise from top left:

  • Custom sketchbook cover by Batsugan leather
  • Canson 5.5 x 8.5 sketchbook
  • Rotring 600 0.5mm mechanical pencil
  • Pentel brush pen (did the lion’s share of the inking)
  • Sakura Pigma Micron 005 pen (used for fine details and some shading)
  • Sakura Gelly Roll white pen
  • Pentel 0.5mm blue pencil lead
  • Pocket sized memo pad

One of my many horrible drawing habits is not trying to figure out what I’m drawing before diving in.  Many artists do multiple thumbnails and then various rough sketches on light tables to lock down the composition before starting to work out fine details.  To curb this impulse, I started at least doing tiny gesture sketches in a pocket sized memo pad before starting in my sketchbook.  I feel it has helped me get a better idea of what I’m trying to capture.

Gesture Sketches

Here’s the gallery of all this year’s inktober doodles.

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Inktober – Rio Durant

Inktober 31 – Rio Durant – full

Inktober day 31

The final inktober doodle of 2018 is Rio Durant from “Solo”.  This guy was an amazing pilot and good for some funny banter.  I wished this one had turned out better, but I was a little rushed to get it done.

Inktober 31 – Rio Durant

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Inktober – L3 37

    Inktober 30 – L3-37 – full

Inktober day 30

One of the strongest characters, who met an unfortunate end during the movie was L3 37, the extremely self-aware lady friend of Lando.  She looks like she’s enjoying this oil bath after a long day of putting up with his drama.

Inktober 30 – L3-37

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Inktober – Mudtrooper

Inktober 29 – Mudtrooper – full

Inktober day 29

My oldest son loved the mudtrooper uniform from “Solo”, so I made sure it include it in my inktober.

Inktober 29 – Mudtrooper

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Inktober – Quay Tolsite

Inktober 28 – Qual Tolsite – full

Inktober day 28

Next crazy character from “Solo” is Quay Tolsite, the boss of the mine on Kessel.  His drippage bothered me physically.

Inktober 28 – Quay Tolsite

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Inktober – Enfys Nest

Inktober 27 – Enfys Nest – full

Inktober day 27

The last show I wanted to doodle from the past year is the Star Wars movie “Solo”.  Personally, I have yet to find a flesh-and-blood person who didn’t enjoy it, so I’m not sure what all the financial drama was about.  One of my favorite designs was the character Enfys Nest.

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Inktober – Dancing Giants

Inktober 26 – Hilda Giants – full

Inktober day 26

These two love birds haven’t seen each other in quite some time, and thought they would cut-a-rug through the valley to celebrate.

Inktober 26 – Hilda Giants

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Inktober – The Hidden People

Inktober 25 – Hilda Hidden People – full

Inktober day 25

I wanted to make sure I doodled a few of these little guys, the hidden people of Hilda.  They are quite adamant about their paperwork.

Inktober 25 – Hilda Hidden People

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