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Letterpress Type Pics

type pic

The last few years Dodge has been running a really cool add campaign where they use a bunch of old letterpress type pieces, locks and furniture (plus some fake garbage they photoshop in too).   This year when we were home for Thanksgiving, I finally got a chance to sneak down and play around with some of my dad’s type to try my hand at it.  Just had to do a horizontal flip on the picture!  I did quite a few different setting with spacing, different names, arrangements, etc.  Will have to find time to play around with this more sometime.

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Wreck It Ralph Thanksgiving

ralph thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Our family move this year was Wreck It Ralph, which was really amazing!  And the “Paperman” short film before it was really great too!  Thought I would post a couple steps in the making of, and also an example of what happens when your pre-teen nephew thinks he’s being funny!


ralph flow

Drawn and colored in MyPaint, textures and final layering in GIMP.

thanks jake

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Computer Genius

computer genius

A friend retired from the Air Force today so I made this image for a poster that we passed around the office and all signed.

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