I’m a loving husband, father of two boys, proud Iowan, computer nerd, and artist with whatever time I may have left.

In February 2009, I started a doodle blog with the idea of drawing something ever day.  I was able to keep this going for over 1000 days, but eventually the demands of life made this just too much to handle.  I was still drawing everyday, but often just to have something to post, and even more often something so quick it was not really post worthy.  The grind got in the way, and I had to call it quits…  I intend to post better/more developed content (far less frequently) here.


38 thoughts on “About

  1. PK

    hi, do you do contract work? I need 2 simple logos done.

  2. PK

    Thanks for the reply.

    I need a logo of a beaver and a duck. duck should be facing right, beaver facing left, so that they are staring at each other in anger, contempt. [remaining content removed]

  3. Joel Pheasant

    I like the hornet doodle you did on your doodle-a-day blog. What are your thoughts on allowing me to use it in a logo for my son’s youth soccer team? I’m thinking the opening at the bottom would hold a soccer ball nicely…

    • vonholdt

      sure, go ahead. it’s honestly just a slightly different version of the green hornet logo from the 2011 movie. i agree that it might look cool with a soccer ball. i’d love to see what you end up coming up with.

  4. Hi There,

    I’m contributing some music to a benefit album for The Freedom Bookstore that was firebomed by neo-nazis in London last week

    I was doing searches online for images of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and came across your doodle .

    It might be what I’m looking for re: the artwork for the track.

    Could I use it? Can pay but maybe you might consider either a low fee or …ahem… no fee in the light of the fact that it’s for a sterling cause.

    Full credit would, of course, be given.

    Let me know your thoughts. Looking for a quick turnaround on this so as soon as possible would be marvellous.

    Many thanks in advance,



    • vonholdt

      it’s not my character but you can certainly use the doodle. no fee needed and i really appreciate the credit!

  5. Marc

    Many (manymanymany) thanks ………………………..

    Did you see the links to which it is referring to; regarding the Freedom Book Store incident a terrible tale of …….I don’t know what…….horrriddddd!!!!

    But thank you

    Will include your sig/tag and anything u want…

    and oh my….the music…..hiihihiihihi check it here:

    Thank you again….


  6. Marc


    Please tell me what info you’d like me to put for your credit…

    Name, links etc.



    • vonholdt

      just “vonholdt” is cool, you can link to this blog if you would like.

  7. Richard

    Dear Mr Vonholdt,

    I love your stuff! Would you object if I displayed one or more of your css musings on a (purely for art) webpages, with a credit to Vonholdt linked to this blog?


    Richard (Dublin)

  8. I recently came across your tribal owl on doodle-a-day. It’s great! I left a comment there only to realize you moved on to a new blog. I’d really like to slightly modify that design/add to it and print it on apparel. Please let me know if you might be interested. I can send you my modifications and hopefully we can work something out.


  9. We can figure out a one time payment to get rights and permission to use. Email me.

  10. Johnny

    Hey,i was wondering if I could use your boba fett for my channel art(youtube)?I could credit you and link your blog because I love boba fett.

  11. Would like to use your Gnome in an internet parody video:
    Please contact me, if you are willing to give us permission to use it.

    • vonholdt

      unfortunately, i drew that gnome specifically in someone’s likeness, and i don’t know whether they would approve… my apologies

  12. Justin

    Could I use your reading robot doodle (http://doodleaday.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/doodle-240-robot-reading/) for a flyer to be used on campus about OCR?

    • vonholdt

      sure, that sounds cool! do you mind if i ask what campus and what you are scanning?

      • Justin

        It’s for an upcoming lecture at CMU about the problems with OCR on early texts.


      • vonholdt

        awesome! glad you could find a use for that doodle, it’s one of my all time favs!

  13. Mike Routt

    where in Iowa are you located/ I am in Waterloo

  14. Hi Vonholdt,

    I’d like to use this drawing (http://doodleaday.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/doodle-245.jpg) “Robot Relaxing” for my website. Are you ok with that?
    I’m a scientist creating robots and their AI…


  15. David

    Hi Vonhodlt,

    I saw the green hornet drawing you did one doodle-a-day and instantly loved it. My friend and I are starting a company and wondered if we could use it for a logo, or work with you to design a logo, if the previous doesn’t work. Of course, full credit and payment for the rights and permission for use will be given.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you,

    • vonholdt

      Absolutely i’m willing to sell you the rights. That doodle was a riff on the logo from the 2011 movie, but certainly isn’t an exact duplication. I could also modify it if needed.


  16. Ryan Gage

    Hello! I found one of your images on Google and I was wondering if I could use it as a background for a poster I am making.

    • vonholdt

      first of all, thanks for asking! i’d be curious which image, and what the poster is for?

  17. Dani

    I’m a trainee teacher from Germany and I’ve been looking for a heads up seven up doodle for quite a while.
    I found this https://doodleaday.wordpress.com/2009/03/18/doodle-32-heads-up-7-up/ on your old blog and wanted to ask if I can use it on my lesson plan (as a symbol for the game as my pupils can’t read English yet). Of course I would link the source, add your name and would not change it. It would be for my final exam.
    Thanks in advance!

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