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Leather Sketchbook In Person

Sketchbook Cover

Well before we moved I had received my custom leather sketchbook cover from the amazing Batsugan Leather Co., which I drooled over for probably too long, but then had to safely pack away for shipping.  It is truly an exceptional piece of craftsmanship I am honored to own, and perfectly does everything I wanted and more.  He made me another awesome book, but it’s a gift so I’ll have to wait to show anyone that.

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Church Bulletin Cover

bulletin cover

bulletin cover

I had our church back home ask if I could help with they’re bulletin cover for this week, and I liked how it came out.  Thought I’d post it.  Wish I had time to go take my own flag picture, this wasn’t exactly how I wanted it framed, but it still works.


simple composite in The GIMP.

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Binder Cover: Battlefront Scholar Sketch

battlefront scholar

This binder cover was for our oldest son’s english binder, which he ended up not actually needing, so I never really finished it.  He asked for a stormtrooper just like on the Star Wars Battlefront game.  I asked if he should really have a cover with a dude pointing a gun and suggested using that pose with a book a quill pen.  He thought that would be pretty funny so that’s what I roughed out.

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Binder Cover: Math

math binder cover

A few years back I did a series of book covers for our oldest, to include “Math Monkey.”  For his binder this year he wanted a cover with all the math symbols and specifically Pi, so I came up with this which should be much more middle-school friendly then the monkey.

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Binder Cover: Texas History

texas history binder cover

More Binder covers for the new school year.  Our middle-schooler asked me to draw him a binder cover with the outline of Texas, the Alamo, and a long horn steer so here it is.  Do all states teach their own specific history in middle school?  My wife says so, but I don’t remember.  I think Iowa history must just be that awesome!

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Binder Cover: LEGO Galen Marek

Galen Marek

I’ve made it a habit in the past to draw stuff for my boys to put in the slip covers of their school binders.  This year my 8 year old asked my to draw a LEGO version of the protagonist from “The Force Unleashed” game, about 2 hours before we had to go drop all his supplies off.  So I sat down and quickly doodled this up.

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