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Wooden Skeletor Art

Skeletor Wooden Sugar Skull

My son found this fancy looking Skeletor image on the internet and wanted to make something similar out of wood for his girlfriend.  We simplified and laid out the shapes on thr computer and then started cutting and painting.  He did most of the work, except for some tricky scrollsaw bits, and was very happy with how it turned out.

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Master Sword Painted – Day 3

Master Sword Painted

We finally finished up the master sword with stain, paint, and a clear coat.

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Zelda Master Sword – Day 2

Master sword finished

This afternoon after church, we finished the master sword!  Well cutting and assembling, we still need to stain some parts and paint on some details.

I decided that while the jig idea I found would probably have worked, I would just cut the parts on the scroll saw this time to get it done this weekend.  I still have the templates if I want to make any more and build the jigs.  Pictures of the final steps and assembly below.

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Weekend Projects

wooden sword

wooden sword

Happy Easter!  I had lots of project this weekend; valve cover gasket replacement, two church services for Easter to run, and an air conditioner that’s misbehaving.  Somewhere along the way I ran into this little hunk of 2×4 that was either going to be thrown out or turned into a sword. I choose the more violent option; my boys always need more things to hit each other with.

clamp army attack

clamp army attack

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