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Keyboard Monkey

keyboard monkey

keyboard monkey

You know that story about monkeys in a room with type-writers?  Something like that came up at work about some people being simple keyboard monkeys, and I had to doodle it.

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San Francisco Paper Sign

San Francisco Paper Sign

San Francisco Paper Sign

My newest paper sign is set in San Francisco.  It’s seven separate layers with a little Alcatraz popping through the water.  I know it’s not geographically accurate, but it was the best way I could figure out how to get everything in and still be somewhat close. 

They also convinced me to do another paper tree, which I vowed never to do…

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Yummy Thor

yummy thor

yummy thor

I drew this to support a little friendly competition between two organizations.

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More Cutter Work

Retirement Gift

More Craft stuff from this past weekend.  We have  a great family friend that just retired from 24 years in the Air Force, so we sent him this paper sign (his name was above the dates).

Wonder Under

I’ve been wanting to try cutting fabric for some time now, so we bought some Wonder Under and made a shirt for our friend’s daughter who loves dragons, and my sister who’s all about her rabbits.  Hopefully they will last for lots and lots of washings without separating.

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First Sale!

first etsy sale

first etsy sale

I sold my first item on the other day so I took a picture with the little thank you card be for throwing it in the mail.  Hope they are a happy customer.

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