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Kid Nova

kid nova

Today’s bulletin doodle was the young Nova from Marvel comics.  I decided to try rough coloring it real quick on my Surface, but the picture I took to start with wasn’t the best.

kid nova color

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Captain America Sketch Video

capn sketch

Windows 10 has a pretty nice screen capture capability built into the X-Box app, so I decided to record a doodle.  I’m still trying to get used to the thing.  I’m not used to having my hand in the way of my screen.  I’m also going to have to switch some of the software I’ve been using.  I could only get pressure sensitivity to work in 32-bit Krita and not at all in MyPaint, which I’m much more comfortable drawing with.  Time to learn new tricks I suppose.

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Surface Samurai

samurai jack

I recently bought myself a refurbished Surface Pro 3 and this doodle was one of the first things I drew on it while watching the return of Samurai Jack.

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Wayfaring Sign

Wayfaring Sign

I was asked to make a two sided wayfaring sign for a friend’s work which was a new challenge for me.  I decided to do the graphics on foam board, and sandwich it between two pieces of plexiglass in a custom frame.  I also drew the crazy looking duck for them.

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Custom Sized Frame

Picture Letter Frame

A family friend had one of those picture letter things made for their family but could never find a frame it would fit in.  So I just made her one.

Frame routing

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Pig Knight

Pig Knight

This was actually my bulletin doodle from two weeks ago, but I’ve been crazy busy of late.

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Eeyore – Could be worse

eeyore could be worse

eeyore could be worse

My mother-in-law’s spirit animal is Eeyore.  She found a picture like this with the text in standard Meme writing that she wanted for her desk, but I thought I’d try to do something a little nicer.  So I had to paint Eeyore out of the background, isolate him separately, and then cut and assemble.  Hopefully she will like it.

painting out eeyore

painting out eeyore

eeyore cuts

eeyore cuts

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