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Bird King Colored

Bird King colored

Next up on the list of Inktober doodles in the Bird King from Cristian Ortiz.  Some of the linework was goobered up when I isolated them for the big wallpaper piece (source for all these colored doodles), but I just rolled with it.

Colored in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.


Inktober 2019-10 Cristian Ortiz

bird king sketchbook

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Inktober Tools

Inktober Tools

Here’s a lost of the various tools I used this year for Inktober.

    • Canson 5.5″ x 8.5″ sketchbook
    • rOtring 800 0.5mm pencil
    • Pentel brush pen (most doodles)
    • Sakura Pigma Micron 01 pen (detailed doodles)
    • Sakura brush pen (blue)
    • Prismacolor black eraser
    • Winsor & Newton cool grey brush markers
    • Sakura Gelly Roll white pen (NOT PICTURED)

I actually ran out of ink on my brush pen just as I finished the final day.

Out of Ink

Most of this stuff I bundle together in the custom sketchbook cover I got from The Batsugun Leather Company.  I’m still very much in love with it.

Trusty Sketchbook Cover

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Inktober 2019 Collage

Inktober 2019 collage

I thought I would pull all my doodles together (almost all) into a single collage for the year. I imported all the doodles into Inkscape and converted the inked lines to vectors so I could easily resize and arrange them.


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Inktober – Chris Sanders

Inktober 2019-31 Chris Sanders

This is the last day of Inktober, I can’t believe how fast that went.  For the last artist I wanted to honor, I picked Chris Sanders who you might know from films like “Lilo and Stitch”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, or “The Croods.”  No more doodling, time to hit the beach.

I was in a meeting when I was thinking up the pose for this doodle, and ended up scribbling a bunch of different thumbnails before I drew the final piece.

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Inktober – Matt Rhodes

Inktober 2019-30 Matt Rhodes

Today’s Inktober inspiration is the art director by day, story teller by night Matt Rhodes.  He has an ongoing web comic Tellurion, which is striking both for the beautiful illustrations and the fact that he uses no text or speech throughout.  His instagram account is also an amazing source as he breaks down every panel of his story from thumbnail to finished illustration.

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Inktober – Rick Celis

Inktober 2019-29 Rick Celis

As we are getting to the last few days of Inktober, I wanted to pay homage to Rick Celis.  He specializes in capturing the art style of “Batman: The Animated Series” but occassionally will post something in his own style.  This doodle was an attempt to take his style and apply it to the iconic pose from Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” cover.

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Inktober – Karl Kerschl

Inktober 2019-28 Karl Kerschl

For this Inktober day, I wanted to pay homage to the amazing comic artist Karl Kerschl.  His alluring art style has caused me to start purchasing comics again (luckily for my wallet, just his Isola book for now).  I tried my best not to ruin one of his main characters, queen Olwyn.

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Inktober – Matthew Armstrong

Inktober 2019-27 Matthew Armstrong

Today’s doodle was inspired my Matthew Armstrong, a great doodler and prolific tshirt artist on Woot!  This doodle is based on my of my favorite designs he’s done, Meow-Tron.

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Inktober – Derek Laufman

Inktober 2019-26 Derek Laufman

For today’s Inktober, I choose the character Rex from Derek Laufman‘s RuinWorld comic.  Derek brings a tremedous amount of energy and charm to his drawings, whether they are his own characters or others.

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Inktober – David Peterson

Inktober 2019-25 David Peterson

David Peterson is the creator of Mouse Guard and an extraordinary artist!  Every article he posts to his blog is like a master class in composition, print making, and storytelling.

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