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October Characters


While our family doesn’t really participate in the gore and gruesomeness of October, for some reason the staple characters from the old pulp movies got stuck in my head, so I thought I’d doodle a few.  This one below started with the super pointy nose, and then just happened.

which witch

Drawn in MyPaint and GIMP on Ubuntu

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Not the Nerd You’re Looking For

Vader not the nerd

I had someone at work with a video phone who wanted a little Darth Vader poster to hang in front of the camera.  So after I finished a simpler version for that, I just got to playing with colors and textures and ended up with this.
Our friend’s were visiting last week so I bullied Dave into doodling something for the blog.  Unfortunately, we had some freak electrical breaker flip when he was almost done coloring so all I have to post is his almost complete line work.  Still very cool and funny!

Dave Sketch

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Draw This Again – Po Snow Training

Po Snow Training New

One of the other sites I post my work to was running a Draw This Again contest, where you redo an older piece to show progression of skill.  I picked this original because i always thought it was a little lame.

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How-to: Colorize Lines with Video

donatello colorized

As promised, I finally got around to making a video of the colorizing process I mentioned a few posts ago.  I choose to doodle Donatello from the TMNT since it would be quick to draw with a very simple color palette and the new show is starting this month.  Enjoy!

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