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Mysterious M

Mysterious M

I had time to make a thing this weekend, and this blocky looking “M” thing is part of it.  Alas, it is also going to be a gift so I can’t post much more than that until it is given.

Inktober starts tomorrow!  (I’ll probably only upload them on the weekend)

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Quick and Dirty Key Hanger

Key Hanger

Now that we have more than two drivers in the house we have started this weird shuffling of cars that required a central place to leave the keys.  I thought that was the perfect excuse to get out in the garage last week and make a thing!  It’s very quick and dirty, made of spare parts I had lying around.  Maybe I will paint or stain it someday.  An exceedingly short person would also notice that the method I choose to affix it to the refrigerator is not very pretty (an old harddrive magnet).

Key Magnet

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Inspector Squirrel

inspector squirrel

Recently I was asked to help recreate an organization’s mascot from a grainy old 40’s-50’s cartoon.  Initially we thought it was a squirrel, but found out after I drew this that it was a different animal entirely.  So I colored this guy up and posted it here.

Lines in traditional pencil and ink, colors in Krita.

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Leather Sketchbook In Person

Sketchbook Cover

Well before we moved I had received my custom leather sketchbook cover from the amazing Batsugan Leather Co., which I drooled over for probably too long, but then had to safely pack away for shipping.  It is truly an exceptional piece of craftsmanship I am honored to own, and perfectly does everything I wanted and more.  He made me another awesome book, but it’s a gift so I’ll have to wait to show anyone that.

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A Crazy Couple of Months

Greetings internet!  It has been quite a busy couple of months for our family, as we uprooted and moved back to the Midwest.  Not quite back to our hometown in Iowa, but a whole lot closer than we have lived in a long time.  With the new house almost completely unpacked (the last things we worried about were my office and the garage), I should start catching up soon and get back to some regular posting of my random stuffins.



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