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vegan lasagna

Happy Thanksgiving!  I used to always draw some kind of turkey this time of year but seemed to have neglected them these last few years.  Well, I’m bringing it back so Bobby Gobbler wanted to offer you a meat free alternative.  (We will be eating turkey and ham at our house)

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

quick and dirty sketch

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Give Thanks


Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Jive Turkey

jive turkey

jive turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  (a few days late…)  This last Monday we had a Cub Scouts meeting were we worked on the artists badge.  They should have been able to talk to a local artist in their area, but they were stuck talking to me.  Part of the lesson was the drawing above.  They all made suggestions about what to draw, and then I let them each work on the coloring and shading.

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New Sandwich

grilled turkey cheese and egg sandwich

grilled turkey cheese and egg sandwich

Was going to make a grilled cheese and turkey, had an extra egg… MAGIC!!!

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Wreck It Ralph Thanksgiving

ralph thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Our family move this year was Wreck It Ralph, which was really amazing!  And the “Paperman” short film before it was really great too!  Thought I would post a couple steps in the making of, and also an example of what happens when your pre-teen nephew thinks he’s being funny!


ralph flow

Drawn and colored in MyPaint, textures and final layering in GIMP.

thanks jake

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