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Custom Curvy Frame

Triple Oval Frame

This project was a custom frame for three prints that my wife wanted to put together.  We tried a bunch of different arrangements and considered doing them separately, but eventually decided on the side-by-side layout above.  I designed a few different shapes so it wouldn’t just be a big rectangle and built the one my wife liked best.  I haven’t painted or stained it yet because we’re still deciding what would look best.  I’d like to paint the frame a distressed white and paint the wainscoting a light blue, but who knows what we will settle on.  Below are some pictures capturing the process.

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Oak Chest

Finished Chest

I’ve been working on this oak chest on and off for the last month or two and finally got it completely put together.  It’s a simple design I based primarily on the few large items that need to fit inside.  I just need to decide if it’s getting Tung oil or stain.

It should be a large improvement over my first prototype and is for our oldest son’s childhood mementos.  I also haven’t decided if I want to build a tray for it.  Next chest will probably use box joints on the corners.

Chest Closed

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New Print Frames

New Poster Frames

I recently got a few new additions to my poster wall that I needed to build frames for.  I wanted the style to match the larger frames I had purchased for my other posters, so they ended up being pretty easy to make.  The one new thing I did was follow a suggestion a good friend gave me some time back for wood filler.  I’d never been happy with the various brands I tried so he recommended just mixing glue and sawdust from the wood I was using to the consistency I wanted.  I gotta say, I really like how easy it was to get just what I was looking for and the end results.

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Name Shelf – Emerson

Emerson Shelf with Toys

This was a present I made for our friend’s adorable bundle of cuteness, Emerson.  His first birthday is in a few weeks and we were home for the weekend so we decided to deliver it early.  It’s a pretty big deviation from my old designs for name shelves (here|here|here|here) but this one won’t cover the name when you use it and has a bunch of different places to put things.  The large letter is designed to unscrew from the back so they can easily finish it however they would like.  I previously teased this new design here.  Some process photos below.

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Mysterious M

Mysterious M

I had time to make a thing this weekend, and this blocky looking “M” thing is part of it.  Alas, it is also going to be a gift so I can’t post much more than that until it is given.

Inktober starts tomorrow!  (I’ll probably only upload them on the weekend)

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Quick and Dirty Key Hanger

Key Hanger

Now that we have more than two drivers in the house we have started this weird shuffling of cars that required a central place to leave the keys.  I thought that was the perfect excuse to get out in the garage last week and make a thing!  It’s very quick and dirty, made of spare parts I had lying around.  Maybe I will paint or stain it someday.  An exceedingly short person would also notice that the method I choose to affix it to the refrigerator is not very pretty (an old harddrive magnet).

Key Magnet

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Memory Chest Prototype

Memory Chest Prototype

Our oldest son will be graduating highschool this summer, so my wife and I wanted to make him a nice chest to hold all the things we’ve been collecting for him since he was a baby.  I thought I would make a prototype first, before making a bunch of mistakes with more expensive hardwood, and I sured “learned” quite a few lessons in the process.  I decided to use lock-rabbit joints  for simplicity with the tools I had.  Overall, I think this one came out a little rough around the edges but nice.  We are going to tweak the dimensions and the design a bit and then carefully create the real thing.


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Building a Table Top

new table top

new table top

My wife bought a table a few weeks back that was really cute, but the top had been replaced with some veneered fiber board.  This seemed like a good time for me to start my pipe-clamp army and I made her a new one (above).

I also threw together this base for my pipe clamps.  I bought three 10′ iron pipes and cut them into pairs that are 2′, 3′, 4′, and 6′.  I bought four sets of the IRWIN 1/2″ fittings.

pipe clamp condo

pipe clamp condo

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More Wooden Name Shelves

wood name shelves

wood name shelves

Some friends of our just added another little boy to their family so we thought we’d make them matching shelves for the boys room.

I’ve made a few of these before here and here.

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Love: The Greatest of These

the greatest of these

the greatest of these

This past Sunday we had a great sermon on God’s love, which made me think up this little woodworking project. It’s a shortening of 1 Corinthians 13:13.  I’m still trying to figure out how to finish/stain/paint it.

Originally sketched on paper, laid out in inkscape, and cut with my scroll saw.

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