Wreck It Ralph Thanksgiving

ralph thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Our family move this year was Wreck It Ralph, which was really amazing!  And the “Paperman” short film before it was really great too!  Thought I would post a couple steps in the making of, and also an example of what happens when your pre-teen nephew thinks he’s being funny!


ralph flow

Drawn and colored in MyPaint, textures and final layering in GIMP.

thanks jake

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7 thoughts on “Wreck It Ralph Thanksgiving

  1. sam

    lovely cartoony style! do you take sketch requests? ^_^

  2. lin

    Ohh I have one! Actually I’d love to see kind of mixture of two of your pictures. One is the funny crocodile I found on your portfolio: http://doodleaday.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/doodle-486-keeping-him-down-2.jpg?w=450&h=300
    and the other one is this adorable fish: https://vonholdt.wordpress.com/2012/08/12/fishy-face/

    So basically if you could draw that crocodile the way you did the fishy face (open mouth). Maybe even with the tiger inside, haha? 🙂

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