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Cheese Grader

Cheese Grader

Cheese Grader

Another church bulletin doodle that has been in the sketchbook for a few weeks.  I tried to draw a cuter version of Splinter and the Can Opener.

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Master Splinter



This was one of last weeks sketch_dailies subjects, and we saw lots of TMNT fans around the theaters this weekend.  He’s demonstrating Diemon Dave’s “Ninjy Chop!”

splinter process

splinter process

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New TMNT Show


I’ve been meaning to draw a ninja turtle in the style of the new show for a few weeks now, and finally got around to it today.

I upgraded my art machine to Ubuntu 12.10 yesterday so I could easily get the new Gimp 2.8 loaded.  I really like the grouping of layers, couldn’t care less about the “single window mode” everyone seems to be in love with (why would anyone want it to be more like photo shop?), and am a little frustrated that a few of the quick key combos I’m used to don’t quite work the same.  I’ll get used to it though.

I also dumped Unity for xubuntu since my machine is old and I didn’t waste any resources to needless fancy junk.

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How-to: Colorize Lines with Video

donatello colorized

As promised, I finally got around to making a video of the colorizing process I mentioned a few posts ago.  I choose to doodle Donatello from the TMNT since it would be quick to draw with a very simple color palette and the new show is starting this month.  Enjoy!

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