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Dino Warriors – SpecOps-Ceratops


This is the next installment of my Dino Warriors, a special operations triceratops.  Disclaimer, I have no idea what a mini-gun looks like (no reference) or how it gets its ammo, so this one is probably horribly wrong.  I also suspect that the color palette was subconciously influenced by the Land Before Time videos.

Doodles in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.  You can find a video of the sketching and linework here.

SpecOps-ceratops thumbnail

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Dino Warriors – Process Video

This is a process video I took of my next Dino Warrior, SpecOps-Ceratops.  I’ll post an image of the final drawing soon.

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Triceratops Rage

Triceratops Rage

Triceratops Rage

Inktober Day 28.  Little known fact about the mighty three-horns, they hate butterflies.  Abhor them…  Three days left.

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