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Colored Inktober – Starfire

starfire colored

There were a few of my Inktober drawings this year that I was pretty happy with and thought I might get around to coloring them on the computer.  This warrior princess styled Starfire is the first one.

Colored in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Inktober – Beast Boy

Inktober 7 – Beast Boy – full

Inktober day 7

The next character in Dan Hipp’s style is Beast Boy.  I almost wanted to draw the funny part where he had bone legs, but thought that might be confusing.

Inktober 7 – Beast Boy

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Inktober – Starfire

Inktober 6 – Starfire – full

Inktober day 6

Switching to another show that my son and I have been watching, I thought I would do a few characters from Teen Titans, specifically in Dan Hipp’s style from the episodes “Campfire Stories” and ” Riding the Dragon.”  I kicked off Inktober two years ago with Cyborg in this style.

Inktober 6 – Starfire

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Teen Titans – Etsy Commission

Night Begins to Shine Finished

Night Begins to Shine Finished

It’s been a long time since I posted anything, lots of projects on the side.  This was a commission I got through Etsy for the whole Teen Titans crew in the same style as one of my Inktober doodles. I didn’t want to post this until it was mailed and received by the customer.

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Cyborg – Night Begins to Shine



Inktober Day 25.  My boys have borderline obsessively been replaying the newest teen titans episode, in which Cyborg is smitten with this fake 80’s song.  Song is obnoxious, but when he’s pulled into the music, he looks pretty cool.

I just realized I won’t have enough of my little 6″x6″ sheets of bristol to finish out the month, so I’ll need to cut down some bigger ones.  This doodle was done on one of those 9×12 sheets, which was lots more fun with a brush pen!

This is a quick sketch I did on the computer to figure out all the details.  I had to take 8 or 9 captures from the video to reference his parts.

cyborg sketch

cyborg sketch

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