Ducktales Returns


Today, Disney finally premiered their relaunch of Ducktales on their XD channel.  It looks to be an interesting and fun take on the old adventures, with lots of easter eggs and connections to the old show.  I thought I’d doodle up ol’ Unka Scoog (as Bubba would say) in the style of the new show.

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Super Anna


super anna

Our family just finished up a week long Christian camp with awesome activities and some great preaching.  We had a wonderful young lady named Anna taking care of our table each day in the dining hall, so we made a card to say how much we appreciated her.  She really likes super heroes.

I was pressed for time and didn’t have much art stuff with me so this is HEAVILY inspired by Dan Hipp (@misterhipp).

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We farm, You eat

we farm you eat

The other day I saw an insurance shirt that said something like “I farm so you can eat.”  I decided to rephrase it to something like this.

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Lethal League Switch

letahl league switch

The other day my boys were able to get some video game time with their cousins and were playing some crazy thing called lethal league.  It’s like ping pong on crack.  I played the character Switch for a bit and was inspired to doodle this guy later that night.

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Lazy River

lazy river

I found this doodle in my sketchbook from a field trip I chaperoned a few months back.  My pack of kids just wanted to stay at the lazy river most of the day.  They even had these huge floating aligators they could float around on.

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Niko and the Sword of Light


Amazon released an original show today that will be a cute adventure for all ages.  They released a pilot a few months ago for user voting, which also ended up winning an daytime emmy award.

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Pizza Delivery

spidey pizza

It’s got to be rough, spending your evenings saving the city, but then having to jump through hoops just to get a pizza delivered.

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Birthday Card

birthday card

My oldest son envisioned an eclectic assemblage of characters for a birthday card he wanted to give someone, so we ended up making this.

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War Chicken

war chicken

war chicken

Yesterday my youngest son caused a conversation to ensue, within which the phrase “war chicken” was uttered, thus creating a compulsion within his father to doodle this.  My apologies internet.

Doodled in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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