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S’More Cyclops


I’m still cranking out some colored versions of my Inktober doodles and I thought my little Skottie Young inspired Cyclops should be next.

Colored in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Inktober – Skottie Young

Inktober 2019-23 Skottie Young

The organic lines and often crazy expressions in Skottie Young‘s work are totally awesome.  For today I tried to find something for his little Cyclops to be doing, and thought S’mores was a good enough use of his mutant ability.

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Painted Doodle – Wolverine



A quick doodle before bed, playing around with the mypaint pastel brushes.

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Birthday Party Nightcrawler



Kurt was trying to use his teleportation powers to brighten the day of youngsters everywhere.  It just scared the crap out of them though.  Another sketch_dailies topic from this week.

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