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2018 LEGO Winter Village

2018 LEGO Winter Village

First Apologies for the awful cellphone pictures, I forgot to come back and take some better ones.  This year with the addition of the LEGO train and the train station, we had to add extra space to the front of our buffet. Next year, I plan to get an even bigger rectangular table and make them the same height so I can weave the train track through the town.  It was also a frequent thing that our young cat would go Meowthra on the display and there would be a few things to put back when I got home.

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2013 LEGO Winter Village

LEGO 2013 Winter Village

LEGO 2013 Winter Village

Welcome to the 2013 assemblage of our LEGO Winter Village collection.  We’ve been growing every year since the first set, plus a few extras from the advent calendars or mini figure collections.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!

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2012 LEGO Winter Village

2012 LEGO Winter Village

2012 LEGO Winter Village

This is how we had all our LEGO Winter Village sets put together this year.  We’ll probably need a bigger table next year…

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