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Stained Glass – Copper Foil Class

copper foil window

I enjoyed the last stained glass class I took so much, I decided to take the next one which teaches the copper foil technique instead of lead came.  We are making small fans that can be put infront of a nightlight, but I didn’t like any of the patterns that were offered so I figured out my own.  It was between Captain America’s shield or Captain Marvel’s crest.  I told the teacher that I was cheating in the last class because almost all my cuts were straight lines, so I am paying my penance this time.  This first image was from cutting during the first night and the one below was the aftermath.  (I normally try to produce much less waste, but it was important that the grain of the glass all radiates from the center, so I had to lose a little bit more.)

copper foil aftermath

The last two images are from the foiling process, which I did mostly at home.  Next step is to spot solder the joints and then solder over all the copper tape.

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Working on my next window

new window template layout and count

With three weeks left of class and being almost completely done with my first window, I’ve been working on a second window for our front door that will use the left over blue glass.  My wife and I played around with the layout and pane arrangement until we found something we liked.

I cut some templates for different pane sizes on my silhouette cameo, and then figured out how many I would need of each type of glass.  I also bought the glass cutter for my Logan mat cutting board, which made perfect sized straight cuts super easy.

The last thing I was able to get done was printing out the cartoon for this design, which spanned across four sheets of paper.  It’s difficult to tell with the glass laying on the cartoon, but the clear pieces are a mix of transparent and warbly (I think I just made that word up) privacy glass.  I also changed up the layout ever so slightly at the far ends after I had printed out the cartoon, so I just changed it in red pen.  So now that I have all the panes of glass cut, I can start putting the lead in this window as soon as I’m done with my first one.

Oh, I also built a new board for this window since it’s three feet long.  It would have gone right off the side of my old board.

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Stained Glass Cross

Stained Glass Cross

Stained Glass Cross

I have not been doing a very good job of posting lately, so I have a bunch of my Sunday bulletin doodles piled up in the sketchbook.  This was my attempt to start working on a faux stained glass wallpaper for our church’s projection screen.  Our old chapel had an amazing stained glass window above the baptistry, right in the center of the back wall.  Our new building is lacking a little of this character so I’m gonna see if I can change that.

I pulled this sketch into Inkscape where I cleaned it up and then separated all the individual panes.  Now for some coloring and photo lighting effects.

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Strung Out Cat

strung out cat

strung out cat

My wife recently bought a little bird feeder for the yard and we thought our cat would like to do some bird watching, so we put it right outside the window.  She has become a crazed lunatic.  Normally she would sleep all day while the boys are at school, but now she just sits at that window (even if the shades are shut.) We finally got her to sleep today, by letting the food run out and keeping the shades closed.  Silly cat.

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Christmas Program Video

This is one of a slurry of things that I’m finishing for our Christmas program at church tomorrow.  Thought I’d share, Merry Christmas!

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