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Press On Shirt

press on shirt

press on shirt

Happy New Year everyone!  Between hourly rounds of blowing thing up on our street I was able to make a few shirts of my latest silkscreen.  This is an homage to the British “Keep Calm” poster and my dad’s life long passion for printing.  I posted this design in a digital format sometime back and thought it would look nice on a shirt.

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Back to School

back to school

back to school

Have a great day in learning, young scholars everywhere!

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TYPE on Loan

type on loan

type on loan

While we were home on vacation I was able to borrow a rather expansive font of Caslon wood type from the proprietor of the Foolproof Press.  This particular assemblage was cut around 150 years ago.  I’m planning on using it do to some more mirrored text images.

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Letterpress Type Pics

type pic

The last few years Dodge has been running a really cool add campaign where they use a bunch of old letterpress type pieces, locks and furniture (plus some fake garbage they photoshop in too).   This year when we were home for Thanksgiving, I finally got a chance to sneak down and play around with some of my dad’s type to try my hand at it.  Just had to do a horizontal flip on the picture!  I did quite a few different setting with spacing, different names, arrangements, etc.  Will have to find time to play around with this more sometime.

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