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How To Make a SOLID Twenty Sided Die

When challenged to make a twenty sided widget (icosahedron) from solid wood, I looked about on these here intertubes for some assistance to no avail.  Lot’s of guides on making the polygon out of paper and even a few about shaving and gluing a bunch of equilateral triangles together for a hollow creation.  I had to figure it out on my own, so I thought I’d share.

For anyone that would be interested in purchasing some handmade ones from my etsy store, please feel free to contact me there or in the comments below!

Start with a Cube:

start with a cube

start with a cube

While looking at a borrowed D20, I noticed that there appeared to be triangle pairs that were the same on six opposing sides of the die.  So i figured out how to make one starting with a cube. The blue lines above show the orientation of the shared edges for these triangle pairs. Continue reading

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Making a D20 – Twenty-Sided Die

d20 cut

d20 cut

After I started making all my different sized and shaped widgets, someone challenged me to try making a D20 (twenty sided die).  I present my first, full-sized (3.5″), solid wood, D20.  I’ve made the same shape from paper before but had to cut out a little rough wooden prototype a few weeks back to figure this one out.  Turns out, 42 really is the answer!  Not sure how I’ll number or finish it?

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