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Leftover Pictures from Last Year

trailer trash

I found a bunch of pictures that I had never posted last year I thought I would put on the blog.  The first was a small garbage can (not my original idea) that I made for my dad’s camper.  I teased it here.

routing mastersword

mastersword carnage

Next were two process pictures I took while making the wooden Zelda masterswords.  One was routing the blade edges and the other was the carnage that resulted from their production.

Christmas tree bracing

The final picture is of the repair job I had to do for our Christmas tree.  My initial build was sturdy enough for me to gently move it about, but did not survive so well from our movers last summer.  I took the whole thing apart and added a brace to the entire length of every level, plus a handle to pick the thing up with.

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Designing a Master Sword

Master Sword

Almost 2 1/2 years ago I built my oldest son a Dwarven Axe to his specifications and now my youngest has decided what he would like me to make him.  He’s been playing lots of Zelda lately, though we don’t have a Switch, and wanted me to build him a wooden Master Sword.  The design above is what I planned out and finally settled on based on pictures and a cardboard mock-up we made to test the scale and measurements.  We bought the board for it last weekend and should be cutting on Saturday.  Hopefully I remember to take pictures throughout the process.  I still haven’t gotten my oldest to decide what he wants to do with his axe.   Teenagers…

sword cardboard mock-up

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Warrior Kitten

Warrior Kitten

Warrior Kitten

This was today’s bulletin doodle at church.  That’s two weeks down in the new building without any “insurmountable” hurdles.  There’s definitely still some projection things I need to dial in though.  Meow

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Weekend Projects

wooden sword

wooden sword

Happy Easter!  I had lots of project this weekend; valve cover gasket replacement, two church services for Easter to run, and an air conditioner that’s misbehaving.  Somewhere along the way I ran into this little hunk of 2×4 that was either going to be thrown out or turned into a sword. I choose the more violent option; my boys always need more things to hit each other with.

clamp army attack

clamp army attack

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Christmas Crafts

christmas crafts

Christmas crafts

To finish up the year, I thought I’d post a few different projects I’ve been unable to put up lately.

For a Christmas gift this year, I made my wife a do-dad to hold all her scarfs in the closet with some re-purposed drawer pulls.  I also made this little cedar heart as an ornament and put it in her stocking.

I also seem to be the neighborhood wooden armorer.  One of the boy’s friends drew up a sword from a tv show and asked me to cut it out for him.  I believe he’s going to keep masking it off and paint it.

bleach sword

bleach sword

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