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My Portable Digital Art Studio

These are all the things I lug around in this compact sling case that makes up my portable digital art tools.

  1. Surface Pro 3 tablet.  It’s my poor man’s Wacom MobileStudio.  The Pro 3 was the first Surface version I felt comfortable buying that seemed to be mature and functional enough for the cost.
  2. SR mini USB keyboard.  This was the largest keyboard I could find that would fit in the bag and still had the function key row (Inkscape).  It’s PgUp and PgDwn and nearless useless though.  I am also way to cheap to purchase one of the fancy typepad covers, though they seem pretty awesome.
  3. Surface power cord.  This and the keyboard sit next to each other in the front half of the big pocket.
  4. “AAAA” batteries for the pen.  Who knew that was a size?  I got these from Amazon in a four pack.
  5. Surface Pen 4.  Even though I purchased  3 tablet, the 4 was already out and I had heard the Pen was markedly better, so I purchased one.  This is the most expensive thing in the bag, next to the tablet itself.
  6. Staedler 0.5mm mechanical pencil.
  7. Sakura Pigma Micron 01 pen.
  8. Hobo glove.  I had been using a simple dimestore knit glove with some fingers cut off for awhile on my desktop Wacom Intuos tablet.  When I got the Surface Pro 3, I thought I’d buy a glove actually made for this purpose but didn’t like it as much.  So I went back to the hobo glove, which I can throw away and replace when needed for next to nothing.  The glove and all the pens go in the large front pocket.
  9. Edimax bluetooth/wireless adapter.  Microsoft was nice enough to break the internal bluetooth and wireless radio with an update once, so I purchased a little adapter to get everything working again.  They have since fixed the issue, but I keep this guy around just in case.
  10. Surface Pen nibs.  I honestly have never even tried any of these and am still using the default one that came in the pen.
  11. USB Thumbdrive (32Gb).
  12. Altoids tin.  I use this tin to hold the last three listed small items and various other things in one place.  It shares the top front pocket with the next two adapters.  The tin is a little noisy, someday I’ll find something in a similar size that’s quieter.
  13. iVanky Display Port to HDMI adapter.  This is a great little adapter to connect the Surface Pro 3 to an external display whenever I need to.
  14. Amazon basic USB hub.  I got this little hub since the tablet only has a single USB port that I often need to have a few things plugged into. (keyboard and mouse/keyboard and thumbdrive)
  15. Solo Tablet Slingbag.  Originally I had a simple neoprene slip case for the tablet that I could fit a few other flat things in, but definitely not the power cord.  I looked at many different bags/cases and settled on this one, and I have been very happy with that decision.
  16. Not pictured, I also carry a clear plastic ruler, which in some cases is the easiest way to draw straight lines on the tablet.

The Surface Pro 3 is still running the native Windows OS (too scared of breaking this hardware with a Linux distro), but all the open source software I use has Windows distros.

  • Krita
  • Inkscape
  • The GIMP

The one thing I would still like to find is a USB mouse that is really flat/low profile that would fit in the bag.  Working in Inkscape in particular is very tedious without a mouse.  I normally steal one from my laptop bag when needed, but it would be nice to find one that fit in here.

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