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Miles Morales – Spiderverse

Miles Morales

I finally got around to seeing “Spider-man: ITSV” a few days ago, one of the many movies that have recently come out I wanted to see.  It was amazing on pretty much every level, and I will certainly own it if not go see it a few more times in the theater.

This was just a quick doodle in Krita on my Surface Pro 3 i did while watching TV.

Still to try catching:

  • 2nd Fantastic Beasts (might have already missed it)
  • Mortal Engines (wasn’t in theaters long)
  • Bumblebee (matinée was sold out when we tried to catch it)
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Spidey Meeting Doodles

Spidey Meeting Doodles

Just a few random doodles from meetings at work.  I’ve been looking forward to “Spider-man: ITSV” coming out and hopefully seeing it soon.  The Skull with CAT-5/RJ-45 medusa hair… no idea where that came from.

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Pizza Delivery

spidey pizza

It’s got to be rough, spending your evenings saving the city, but then having to jump through hoops just to get a pizza delivered.

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Inkscape Spider-man

inkscape spidey

inkscape spidey

I’m trying to push my posing a little bit, so who better to start with then ‘ol crazy legs Spider-man.  I built most of this in Inkscape trying to minimize the number of shape defining lines.  I might find time to shade it someday.

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