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First Tablet Doodle

tablet frank

Last week I got my first tablet (went with the fiscally reasonable Kindle Fire HD) as well as an Adonit Jot Classic stylus.  Throughout the week I’ve been fiddling with apps and games, but today was the first time I really had a chance to doodle on the thing.  I have to say, not as fun as I’d assumed it would be.  I miss my work flow with my intuos 4 and i don’t know how many times it would register my palm hitting the screen and think the stylus was part of a “pinch gesture.”  After awhile though, I started getting a groove going flipping between fingers and stylus, and I like how this came out.  Just wish I could have more then 6-7 layers in Sketchbook Mobile.

This was a little guy I drew initially from a random squiggly line that’s now his hair and nose.

hair nose

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