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Bird Cage Prototype

Bird cage

Not sure what to call this but bird cage is about right.  My wife has started looking for Christmas gift ideas this year and stumbled across something similar to this.  It looked like fun to try making so I hit the garage after dinner and started cutting a little hunk of poplar.  It was interesting, maybe fun, but I definitely learned a few things.  Maybe after some fine tuning of the scroll saw, i might crank out some Christmas themed ones this year.

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Cutting a Plaque

cutting a plaque

The last few weekends I have been working on a prototype plaque for an organization.  I made a vinyl stencil, scroll-sawed around it, then masked off the edges and painted.  I need to get a laser cutter, I could crank these out in minutes.  This is just a process shot I took while cutting.

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Love: The Greatest of These

the greatest of these

the greatest of these

This past Sunday we had a great sermon on God’s love, which made me think up this little woodworking project. It’s a shortening of 1 Corinthians 13:13.  I’m still trying to figure out how to finish/stain/paint it.

Originally sketched on paper, laid out in inkscape, and cut with my scroll saw.

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Another Word Shelf

wordshelf 2 finished

wordshelf 2 finished

I’m working on another “word shelf” for some family back home, so I thought I’d post some process photos.  I’ll put the final picture up top once it’s all done.  Finally got it all done!

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Minecraft Wooden Pickaxe

wooden pickaxe

wooden pickaxe

To celebrate the end of the school year, we let the boys get Minecraft for their computers (apearantly way better than the Minecraft Mobile they already have.)  I’ve been wanting to get out in the garage for a few weeks now and make something, but have been too crazy busy at work, so today I made them this.  It has the same decal on both sides, and is hopefully small enough that they won’t decide to attack each other with it.  Not really sure what to use it for though, but they both seem to think it’s cool so I’m happy.

I made the pattern in Inkscape, cut it in vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo, then cut the wood with my scroll saw.  I built the pattern with an outline, cut right up to it, then just peeled the outline off.

pickaxe pattern

pickaxe pattern

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