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Multi-Monitor Array

A few weeks ago I posted a map of the projection system we’re building for our new church auditorium and this last weekend I got to make a mounting frame for the array of small monitors.  It started with a sketch during service, then I meticulously planned out the build (later laid out on our booth blueprints), created a frame the disassembles easily, and built some brackets to mount the monitors to.  It’s actually completed, stained, and installed since we did our first successful service in the building today; I just forgot to take a final photo.

One interesting hiccup is that I tried to build this before I had the monitors in hand, and the initial plans were all off the product dimensions on Amazon.  After cutting the main spine of the frame to my measurements, it became readily apparent that those dimensions were not even close for 16″ monitors.  Luckily buried in the customer question someone had provided the true size and I re-did my plans to those.

product dimensions

product dimensions

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