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Colored Inktober – Next Gen Momo

next gen momo

One of the last few inktober doodles I wanted to color was my version of Momo from the Netflix movie Next Gen.  I realized once I tried to capture his funny eyeballs that I drew them a crossed, when most of the movie they where wandering off.  I made sure to fix that in this version.

Colored in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

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Inktober – Next Gen Momo

    Inktober 15 – Next Gen Momo – full

Inktober day 15

I had to draw Momo, the cute little foul-mouthed dog from “Next Gen”.  His eyes are often doing wonky things during the show, but it would have probably been cuter if they were wandering to the sides instead of crossed.

Inktober 15 – Next Gen Momo

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