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Inktober – Jake Parker

Inkober 2019-01 Jake Parker

Today starts another year of Inktober, or as my wife likes to call it (to annoy me) Ink-October.  As usual, instead of using the prompts I thought this year I would do more of a quick doodle in the style of or a character from a different artist I admire throughout the month.  We’ll see how many I can actually get to before the month is over.

I thought I would start with Jake Parker, the originator of Inktober.  He draws lots of robots and dinosaurs!

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Tinman Cyborg (Inktober)

cyborg tinman (inktober)

cyborg tinman (inktober)

Today starts Inktober 2016.  Thought I’d kick it off with a version of the Teen Titan Cyborg from the episode “Riding the Dragon.”  This version showed up the previous season in “Campfire Stories” and I’m glad they gave it some more screen time.

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