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Driftwood Heart

driftwood heart

driftwood heart

This was a gift that honestly got finished on Christmas day for my wife.  We visited some friends for Thanksgiving on the gulf coast, and brought home a bunch of little driftwood pieces.  This will be a cute reminder around the house of that wonderful trip.

driftwood heart shape

laying out a heart shape

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Woodcut Heart

woodcut heart

woodcut heart

I was farting around drawing some random tattoo ideas a few days ago and wandered off for sometime drawing this.  It reminded me a lot of a wooden block print kind of style.  Have a great memorial day weekend!


I scribbled a base out in MyPaint then designed the whole thing in Inkscape.

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Christmas Crafts

christmas crafts

Christmas crafts

To finish up the year, I thought I’d post a few different projects I’ve been unable to put up lately.

For a Christmas gift this year, I made my wife a do-dad to hold all her scarfs in the closet with some re-purposed drawer pulls.  I also made this little cedar heart as an ornament and put it in her stocking.

I also seem to be the neighborhood wooden armorer.  One of the boy’s friends drew up a sword from a tv show and asked me to cut it out for him.  I believe he’s going to keep masking it off and paint it.

bleach sword

bleach sword

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