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LEGO Masters – Taker-Waker


During a recent episode of  LEGO Masters, the married team Amy and Tyler created this funny little rat character called the Taker-Waker that I kept thinking about for days later.  So when I had a few spare moments, I decided to doodle my version of their design in my sketchbook, and then I found some more time later to color him on the computer.  If you haven’t seen the show, it’s quite a lot of fun to see the teams build such different things from the same root idea.  Stay safe and healthy!

Colored in Krita on my Surface Pro 3.

Taker-Waker Sketchbook

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Tod and Copper Paper

tod and copper paper

tod and copper paper

My wife is finally getting home tomorrow from a week long trip to visit some friends, and I decided to use some of the time to make her a surprise.  When I posted my Tod and Copper doodle a few weeks ago, my wife said that was one of her favorite Disney movies ever.  I thought recreating the doodle in paper form for her would look cute.

The least fun part today was trying to get it in the frame.  This particular floating frame has two pieces of glass and a tolerance for about i photographs worth of paper between them.  This thing at it’s thickest is probably five-six layers of cardstock, so I had to grind out the channel for the glass a smidge to get it to squeeze in.

tod and copper detail

tod and copper detail

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Tod and Copper

tod and copper

tod and copper

Today’s sketch_dailies was Tod and Copper from The Fox and the Hound.  It’s one of my wife’s favorite movies so I had to doodle it.

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