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Inktober – Dan Hipp

Inktober – Dan Hipp

Day five of Inktober is inspired by the incredible Dan Hipp!  I’ve actually done quite a few drawings over the years and I’m a big fan.

He recently did a few recreations of famous Marvel comic covers, which are amazing and I hope he continues.

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Inktober – Raven

Inktober 8 – Raven – full

Inktober day 8

Raven is the last character in the Dan Hipp style that I wanted to draw for Inktober.

Inktober 8 – Raven

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Inktober – Beast Boy

Inktober 7 – Beast Boy – full

Inktober day 7

The next character in Dan Hipp’s style is Beast Boy.  I almost wanted to draw the funny part where he had bone legs, but thought that might be confusing.

Inktober 7 – Beast Boy

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Inktober – Starfire

Inktober 6 – Starfire – full

Inktober day 6

Switching to another show that my son and I have been watching, I thought I would do a few characters from Teen Titans, specifically in Dan Hipp’s style from the episodes “Campfire Stories” and ” Riding the Dragon.”  I kicked off Inktober two years ago with Cyborg in this style.

Inktober 6 – Starfire

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Super Anna


super anna

Our family just finished up a week long Christian camp with awesome activities and some great preaching.  We had a wonderful young lady named Anna taking care of our table each day in the dining hall, so we made a card to say how much we appreciated her.  She really likes super heroes.

I was pressed for time and didn’t have much art stuff with me so this is HEAVILY inspired by Dan Hipp (@misterhipp).

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