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Making a D20 – Twenty-Sided Die

d20 cut

d20 cut

After I started making all my different sized and shaped widgets, someone challenged me to try making a D20 (twenty sided die).  I present my first, full-sized (3.5″), solid wood, D20.  I’ve made the same shape from paper before but had to cut out a little rough wooden prototype a few weeks back to figure this one out.  Turns out, 42 really is the answer!  Not sure how I’ll number or finish it?

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Happy Valentines Day

Valentines 2014

Valentines 2014

Just a little paper something I made for my amazing wife.  Thanks for putting up with me  for another year!

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Happy Mother’s Day

mothers day

mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you crazy, fearless, tireless, wise, loving, thoughtful, giving moms out there.  Where would we all be without you?

This was a little design i did up for our mother’s day card to my wife.  I cut it out of a card in-lay to show the paper behind it.  On the front I drew out the cut-out below.  It showed through to the back of the in-lay paper.

card front

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A little leftover Iowa

a little leftover Iowa

When I was cleaning up after my paper doodle, I had this little Iowa I had cut out of a layer leftover.  I ended up keeping it and the urge to xacto struck me again two days later so I was left with this.

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