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Oak Chest

Finished Chest

I’ve been working on this oak chest on and off for the last month or two and finally got it completely put together.  It’s a simple design I based primarily on the few large items that need to fit inside.  I just need to decide if it’s getting Tung oil or stain.

It should be a large improvement over my first prototype and is for our oldest son’s childhood mementos.  I also haven’t decided if I want to build a tray for it.  Next chest will probably use box joints on the corners.

Chest Closed

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Memory Chest Prototype

Memory Chest Prototype

Our oldest son will be graduating highschool this summer, so my wife and I wanted to make him a nice chest to hold all the things we’ve been collecting for him since he was a baby.  I thought I would make a prototype first, before making a bunch of mistakes with more expensive hardwood, and I sured “learned” quite a few lessons in the process.  I decided to use lock-rabbit joints  for simplicity with the tools I had.  Overall, I think this one came out a little rough around the edges but nice.  We are going to tweak the dimensions and the design a bit and then carefully create the real thing.


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