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Wooden Scion xB Toy Car

Scion xB Wooden Car

About the same time I was making my last toy car, I thought to make one for some friends of ours that would be having a little boy shortly before Christmas.  Since it was a gift, I didn’t want to post it until they had received it.  I didn’t have any particularly sentimental piece of wood to make it out of, but I did pattern it after her car, a Scion xB.

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Ed Roth Roadster

ed roth roadster

ed roth roadster

Someone asked me to draw an Ed Roth Roadster with a turbo, so this is what I came up with.  I tried to stay very close to his classic style and car type.

I started with a loose sketch, then made a some shape guides in inkscape before inking.

ed roth roadster animation

ed roth roadster animation

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Pinewood Derby Car

pinewood derby car

pinewood derby car

This weekend I finally wrangled my youngest to get working on his pinewood derby car.  I’ve been asking him for a few weeks what he wants to make, colors, shape, and number.  So we finally got it done in the last two days.  His original sketch was very space shipish, but when we drew a rectangle and said what do you want to do with that, he had some different ideas.

We tucked some of grandpa’s lead type under the belly, and we shave off whatever we’re over on the day of the race.  He wasn’t interested in all the tomfoolery of axle polishing, keeping one wheel up, and exacting weight distribution; so we ended with a clean simple car.  Not too shabby for his first one.

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