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Leftover Pictures from Last Year

trailer trash

I found a bunch of pictures that I had never posted last year I thought I would put on the blog.  The first was a small garbage can (not my original idea) that I made for my dad’s camper.  I teased it here.

routing mastersword

mastersword carnage

Next were two process pictures I took while making the wooden Zelda masterswords.  One was routing the blade edges and the other was the carnage that resulted from their production.

Christmas tree bracing

The final picture is of the repair job I had to do for our Christmas tree.  My initial build was sturdy enough for me to gently move it about, but did not survive so well from our movers last summer.  I took the whole thing apart and added a brace to the entire length of every level, plus a handle to pick the thing up with.

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Doodling a Little Camper

little camper

We had a project for a Christmas present the I needed to draw up a little camper.  This was the cute little guy I ended up with.  I’ll post more about the final project after it is given.

Original idea sketched in Krita, then this design built out in Inkscape.

little camper shapes

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