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Rustic Fix to Broken Glass Plate

Repaired Plate

During the time I was working on the final assembly of the lamp shade I posted last night, we got the idea to solder an ornamental glass plate we’ve been lugging around for years.  It used to sit above our entertainment center when we were newly married, but once we added pets and kids to the mix, it took a tumble and broke.  Luckily, it cleanly broke into a small number of pieces so we’ve kept it for probably 15 years thinking we would fix it someday.  It’s quite the rustic looking fix, and my soldering skills could use a lot of work, but it’s nice to have the plate back out in the light again.

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Broke Screen – Sad Panda

broke screen sad panda

broke screen sad panda

My youngest son often monopolizes my laptop to play Minecraft and accidentally broke the screen a few weeks ago.  Today was the first day I really needed to use it to work on some illustrations while I was out of the house.  I had to wander all over the place were I was looking for a monitor or TV to hook the thing up to so I could see what I was doing.  Sad Panda…

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