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Inktober Day 21.  One of Bryan Konietzko’s first Inktober sketches was an awesome one of Appa, so I decided tonight to cartoon the big guy up a bit.

My oldest son decided to doodle in his driving class tonight and created the below character:

Jiff the Space Rhino

Jiff the Space Rhino

“Jiff the Space Rhino

warrior of Mandalor[e]

and a Space Rhino!”

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Korra Book Four

korra book four

korra book four

Did you watch it yet?  No?  Then stop reading this and go watch it!  Then you’ll get this doodle.  I can’t wait until next week!

Amazing creators websites here and here.

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Legend of Korra: Book III Finale



This Friday was the book III finale for The Legend of Korra.  I’m always insanely impressed by the creativity and  story telling this crew puts together.  Another great season that left me a little choked up at the end.  Can’t wait for book IV!

You can follow the creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dimartino.

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Korra Season Three

aang's excited

aang’s excited

I guess some hoser leaked a bunch of the upcoming Avatar: Legend of Korra series on the internet a few days back, which is unfortunate.  But I’m super excited that the season will be premiering next Friday night!  Check out the trailer here.

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