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Air Force Retirement Gift

Cyber Retirement Gift

I recently had a good friend who was retiring from the Air Force and I wanted to make him something special as a gift.  He had a successful career in both the Intelligence career field and then as a Cyber operator, and his new journey in life is going to build upon both of those.  Often times, military retirees get shadow boxes created, but they can be rather large so I thought I’d make him something small and conversation provoking that he can simply have in his office or on a desk.  This small shadow box contained the two badges that show the mastery of his craft.

Built as a simple oak frame with a little acrylic blue inlay, and the badges floating around some silver vinyl lettering.

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Computer Genius

computer genius

A friend retired from the Air Force today so I made this image for a poster that we passed around the office and all signed.

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